Kids' Christmas Service Sign-Up

Sign-Up here for our Allenwood Kid's 2021 Christmas Service.

Children’s Christmas Event

Sunday December19th - 10:00am

*Sign up by Sunday October 31st*

Sunday December 19th Order of Service:

Kids To Arrive at 9:15am for sound check

10:00am - Service begins / Welcome from Pastor Dave

10:02am - 10:25am - Kid’s sing 4 songs

(Kids head downstairs)

10:30am - Message from Pastor Dave

11:15am - Emily closes the service


All songs will be recorded and posted on the Allenwood Church website in the exact key and order in which the children will be singing it the day of the event.

Each song will have a video attached so the children can see the movements that will be associated with each song.

We encourage every parent to have their children listen to these songs as much as possible. This will make rehearsals go much more smoothly and ensure the children know the words for the event.


Directly after Sunday morning service - 12:00pm - 12:30pm

5 Rehearsal Dates: November 7th, 14th, 21st (28th Off - Thanksgiving Weekend), December 5th, 12th

Parent Volunteers/Servants:

A few volunteers will be needed for rehearsals and the day of the event. Please sign up if you’re interested!


Attendance is crucial for this event, children participating are only allowed to miss 2 out of the 5 rehearsals.


Please contact Emily Healey with any questions or concerns you have concerning the event or rehearsals. Email: Phone: 732-841-9213

Solos and Speakers Auditions:

There will be a separate section dedicated to those who are interested in speaking or singing a solo for this performance.

There will be a separate time announced for when these auditions will take place.

Your child must be able to:

Memorize his or her part

Attend rehearsals regularly

Perform in front of a large gathering

Rules of Conduct:

Children must demonstrate respect for the ministry leaders and volunteers putting together this event.

A parent must be present at the rehearsal

Children cannot run in the sanctuary or onto the stage.

Children are to listen to the directions being given by the ministry leaders to ensure a smooth and effective rehearsal.

Snacks will not be provided, please come prepared with a snack in case your child needs it before the start of rehearsal